Tuesday, June 28, 2016

bliss fabgirl Leave It To Cleavage Review

Yes, this is a cleavage cream but no, it's not that kind of cleavage cream. It makes no claims about perking things up. Instead, its focus is on "enhanc(ing) and perfect(ing) the delicate skin on your décolleté and bust."

Using light diffusers and a "active complex of adopofillin™," using this product is supposed to leave "skin look(ing) firmer and more lifted with use over time" while also fighting "the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles" and evening skin tone.

"Based on an independent consumer perception study of 32 women ages 30-44 over four weeks," this product gets great reviews. The vast majority of those women found that this product did deliver on its claims, with 97 per cent stating that "skin felt smoother" and 78% saying that skin looked "less wrinkled" and " firmer looking."

I agree about the smoothness claims. This product is a great moisturizer and I actually found myself using it on my elbows where it effectively fought dryness. But after using this product for several weeks, I haven't noticed any difference in firmness or uh, lifted-ness. Using this cream did leave my cleavage area nicely hydrated but that's about it. (I can't comment on the product's claims regarding evening out skin tone or reducing the look of wrinkles since neither of those are issues for me.)

To me, a cleavage is a frilly, girl-y product, a belief that is thankfully shared by bliss. This cream looks and feels rich and luxurious. It has a silky, whipped texture that I love and when applied to skin, it instantly plumps it up, leaving behind hydration and a pearlescent finish that fades too quickly.

It is also very strongly scented, a trait that suites this product. The smell is a sweet, powdery scent that makes me think of a perfume that's name is just on the tip of my tongue. The scent lingers and it might be too much for some, though I don't mind it.

As one would expect, this cream comes in a wide-mouth jar, packaging that has cute printing on it but that's nothing special. Like all bliss products, this one isn't cheap. It retails for $57. That's a lot for what's essentially a fun and effective but not spectacular moisturizer.  

Will I buy this product: No; it's too pricey for me. 

Should you buy this product: This is very much a splurge product. It's expensive and it's definitely not something you need but it does make a nice treat.

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