Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orofluido Beauty Elixir For Hair Review

I had high hopes for this hair oil. For one thing, every hair oil I've tried lately has been at least semi-successful, leaving me with shiny, soft hair that was never gross or greasy. I figured that this product would, at minimum, be similar but with the added benefit of a great scent. I will give this product that, it's vanilla scent is excellent, noticeable but not too strong or too sweet.

Made with argan, cyperus and linseed oils, and designed to work on both wet and dry hair, this oil sounded like it had it all. Then I tried it.

This product is Orofluido's flagship product. According to the company, the elixir is supposed to enhance hair's shine, add body and movement and leave hair, "...light, silky and easy to comb." I did notice some of these qualities though never at an impressive level. Yes, it did leave my hair shiny but not remarkably so. It also left it manageable and easy to comb but again, not remarkably so.

But it didn't leave it light and while my hair might have looked silky, it didn't feel like. I found that it was far too easy to use too much of this product and when that happened, my hair looked flat, heavy and while it didn't feel or look greasy, it didn't feel very nice. As soon as my hair dried, I wanted to wash it again, to remove the oil. However, on the plus side, using too much oil did do a great job at taming frizz, something Orofluido doesn't comment on.

I did try using a smaller quantity of elixir but then I noticed less shine and manageability. My hair did have more movement with less oil but their was no difference when it came to body. This product is also supposed to "reduce drying time" but I didn't notice a difference regardless of how much elixir I used.

After the scent, the only aspect of this product that I liked was the packaging. The elixir comes in an attractive glass bottle, packaging that's appropriate for its $30 price tag. However, that open top does make it very easy to pour out too much oil.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: I don't recommend it.

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