Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips For The Face Review

I first used Biore pore strips over a decade ago and while I found they did pull out some gunk, they also pulled off the top layer of my skin. And no, this didn't only happen one time. So I stopped using this product and basically forgot about it for multiple years.

Then in July I was given the chance to test out Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips For The Face through Topbox's Glam Sense product testing program (so yes, I received this item for free). While I was somewhat worried that I might have another bad experience with the strips, I decided to give them another shot.

According to Bioré, each strip "works like a magnet by instantly locking onto and removing deep-down dirt." You simply smooth one over a wet, blackhead-laden section of your face and 10 minutes later, peel it off. "You can remove weeks worth of dirt buildup," says Bioré.
The good news is that the strips didn't damage my skin. They left it intact, irritation-free and healthy-looking. Unfortunately, there impact on my pores was minimal at best. Prior to using the strips, I identified several blackheads. After removing the strip, almost all of them were exactly where I'd first spotted them. A pore here and there was unclogged but overall, the results weren't impressive.

But while the strips did almost nothing for me. they did visibly improve Husband's skin. You know the Bioré ad in which the actors show you their used strips that are covered in unclogged dirt and oil? While that didn't happen to me, it did happen to him. Multiple pores were cleaned right out, with their contents clearly visible on the strip.

I suspect that the reason why Husband had such a better experience with the strips than I did is because he has typical man skin, meaning his pores are larger, oilier and to be frank, more clogged than mine. There was more gunk for the strip to grab onto, and the larger pore sizes maybe made it easier for the strips to do their job. This product didn't work for me but it did work for him.

The last time I used these strips, they were only available in a nose-friendly shape. The ones I tested were rectangular shaped, which meant that they could easily be placed anywhere on one's face. I did like this aspect, since blackheads aren't a nose-only problem.

Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips retail for around $12 and can be purchased in most drugstores. The packaging is nothing special but it's appropriate for product and easy to open.

Would I buy this product: I would but not for me, for Husband.

Should you buy this product: If your pores are big, oily and/or really congested, give them a shot.

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