Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boo Bamboo Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthen & Shine Conditioner Review

My sample tubes of Boo Bamboo Strengthening Shampoo and Boo Bamboo Strengthen and Shine Conditioner only provided me with enough product for three hair washing sessions so if these items need four (or more) uses to work their magic, well, I guess I'll never experience that outcome. Instead, what I did experience were decent though not spectacular results.

According to Boo Bamboo, both of these products contain bamboo extract and "organic proteins" to fight "....dry brittle hair..." The shampoo also contains silica "...to help strengthen your hair and create brilliant shine." While suitable for all hair types, it's supposedly an extra-good match for dyed hair as, "it gently cleanses without stripping away your colour, leaving you with incredibly soft healthier looking hair."

The conditioner, which also contains minerals, "...provides the most moisture you can get in a daily conditioner." The results are supposed to be "...stronger, healthier looking hair" that has "...silky smoothness with incredible strength, vitality and shine."

Twice I used just these two products, skipping my usual step of using a leave-in serum, and both times the results were the same: My hair was clean, soft and manageable but it didn't have a "brilliant shine" nor did it have "silky smoothness." The third time I used this combo and I did apply a serum post-conditioning and that time my hair was shinier and smoother than when I skipped this step. At no point did I notice a change in my hair's strength but then I did only use these products a handful of times.

For that same reason, I can't really comment on how the shampoo impacts coloured hair. While I do have highlights, I just didn't use this product enough to see if it really was gentle on coloured hair.

But a quick look at the ingredients shows that the shampoo should be ideal for dyed hair, as it doesn't contain sulphate and has a low PH level. Additionally, both the shampoo and the conditioner contain "all natural and organic ingredients," are "paraben and DEA free" and are "cruelty free and vegan." Both products also have a delicious scent that is fresh and almost fruity. Sadly, it didn't linger in my hair.

The internet tells me that this product was once available for sale at Shoppers Drug Mart but no longer. You can though find it at several online retailers, including Well.ca, where each bottle retails for around $10.

Would I buy this product: No, it's not for me.

Should you buy this product: If you're looking for a gentle shampoo and conditioner that leaves hair clean, soft and healthy, these products will get the job done; just don't expect amazing results.

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