Thursday, October 6, 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick Review

C502 & C506
Earlier this week I reviewed Make Up For Ever's Water Blend foundation and commented on how its sheerness and lightness make it ideal for makeup newbies. My free bottle of Water Blend was accompanied by two free tubes of Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick, items that, unlike the foundation, I quickly discovered aren't for makeup amateurs.

One lipstick was in Taupe Violet (C502) and the other in Dark Purple (C506). These shades were randomly picked for me and when I first saw them, I was more than a little intimidated because these are some intense colours. But then I thought, "They'll probably look much lighter on my lips."

I was wrong. MUFE boosts that this line's "...high-precision colour is ultra-pigmented and radiant..." and provides "...bold, vivid coverage" in a "silky-smooth, creamy finish." None of this is an exaggeration as these lipsticks are packed with colour and the finish is indeed soft and creamy.

MUFE claims "...single stroke coverage." I found that I needed two strokes to truly get the Taupe Violet shade but after two swipes the colour on my lips was the exact colour that was in the tube. Given the intensity of that shade, I was really impressed by the results.

The Dark Purple was a bit of a different story. One stroke did provide an intense amount of colour though the shade on my face was noticeably lighter and not as purple as the colour in the tube. Personally, I was okay with the results but I can see how someone else might be a bit disappointed. A second swipe did darken things up though I was never able to get my lips as purple as the colour in the tube. Still, the shade I did end up with was very vivid and eye-catching.

The " colour..." isn't the only quality that this lipstick has going for it. I absolutely love the texture. I completely agree that it " supremely hydrating..." and provides "...outstanding comfort." This lipstick feels like a moisturizing product and unlike a lot of other lipsticks out there, I actually looked forward to applying this one because it felt so wonderful on my lips.

Just one kiss
That amazing texture also means that this lipstick glides on easily however, I disagree with MUFE that this product has an "easy application." While I'm sure the more natural shades are more forgiving, my shades required a careful hand to avoid the dreaded clown-mouth (and really, I should also have been using a lipliner). Unlike the company's Water Blend foundation, I would not recommend this product for those just getting into makeup, it's just too intense.

MUFE's other big claim for this line is that it offers "...spectacular long-wear..." that "lasts over 8 hours." I don't know about "spectacular" as I found that this lipstick did slowly but steadily fade over eight hours. But at the end of that time period I did still have visible colour on my lips so that's something. Unfortunately, I also found that this lipstick did easily come off on glasses, mugs and skin. But despite its high transferability, this lipstick was able to provide vivid coverage, a testament to how highly pigmented it is.

The Artist Rouge Creme line comes in 30 shades that cover everything from the usual pinks and corals to a couple shades of blue and even a white lipstick (which I'm told works wonderfully when pair under or over another colour or when used to create a gradient look). Each colour retails for $27, which I know sounds like a lot but because this item is so highly pigmented, one tube should last you for longer than usual. The package is also nicely weighted, with each tube feeling like it should cost more than $27.

Will I buy this product: While I won't be picking either of these two colours up (they're too intense for me), I will seriously consider getting this lipstick in another shade like Rose Wood (C211) or Pink Beige (C106).

Should you buy this product: Yes! This lipstick isn't cheap but it is worth the splurge. Just make sure you know how to apply it first.

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