Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation Review

Before I got my hands on Make Up For Ever's latest foundation, I read a review about it over on another blogger's site. While I can't remember which site (I follow a lot of people), I do remember that the reviewer made some comment about how the foundation made it her think of a product that a teenager would use. I was surprised to see a remark like that since MUFE is known for making highly pigmented products that aren't marketed at teens. Then MUFE sent a free bottle of this product to me to try out. Within minutes of using it, I understood the "teenager makeup" comment.

Teenagers generally don't know how to apply makeup properly. They're also worried about pimples and there's a strong (and not completely accurate) belief out there that heavy makeup leads to blemishes. For those reasons, foundations aimed at that market often describe themselves as fresh, light and natural, all words that I would also use to describe Water Blend.

According to MUFE, "this long-lasting unique water-gel" made with "...80% water..." will "...give skin a fresh, dewy glow"... "that feels so lightweight, sheer and comfortable."

I should state now that MUFE, to my knowledge, did not create this product to appeal to teenagers. Instead, I believe it was created for those people out there who find the company's other foundation offerings too intense. I am not one of those people.

I love MUFE's other foundations because they provide ample coverage and take my skin from unperfect to almost flawless when I take the time to apply the product perfectly. Water Blend is supposed to provide "...a smooth, flawless look" but I didn't find that because this foundation is just too sheer to cover up blemishes.

But while this product doesn't meet that one claim, it does pretty much meet all of the other ones. The foundation did give me "...a natural-looking, satin finish" while evening out my skin tone. It also also left my skin feeling hydrated and comfortable. And the sheer colour, combined with the gel-like texture, does create a foundation that blends smoothly and has a "quick and easy application." In some ways, this item is more like a BB cream than a true foundation, as it provides just a hint of coverage.

While this foundation isn't for me,  I can see how it could be a great product for someone who has average skin and just needs a little bit of help. And yes, it would also be great for a teenager who's just getting into makeup and wants something light-feeling and that's easy to apply.

However, while the formula might be ideal for makeup newbies, the price is a bit steep: It retails for $54. But at least that price does get you a solid, attractive glass pump bottle. It also comes in 20 different shades, to better allow you to find that right colour match.

Would I buy this product: No, it just doesn't work for me; I'm sticking with either MUFE's Mat Velvet+ or HD Foundation.

Should you buy this product: If you're looking for a quality, lightweight foundation then yes, this would be a good buy for you. Just don't get mad at it (or at me) when it doesn't cover your blemishes.

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