Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My December 2016 Topbox

A few months ago, Topbox started emailing subscribers a "spoiler" email that listed the contents of their box. I initially had mixed feelings about this email since part of the fun of subscribing to a service like Topbox is the surprise element. But now I must admit that I love getting this email and finding out what's on its way to me.

However, this month I discovered a downside to these emails. This morning I received my December sneak peek message. It listed off four products, one of which was an eyeshadow made by Studio Makeup. As someone who loves eyeshadows, I was very happy to see that I was getting one. Then, a couple hours later, my Topbox arrived at my house and it contained:
  • Pupa Milano Vamp! Mascara (full size)
  • NeoStrata All-in-One Cleansing Milk (25 ml)
  • Avène Thermal Spring Water (50 ml)
  • Essie Nail Lacquer in Cute As a Button (full-size)
That's right, there was no eyeshadow. Instead, there was an Essie nail polish. I do not like Essie. And while I don't hate the pink shade that I received, it's not a colour that I need. Maybe I can trade it on Bunz.

If I had received the eyeshadow, this would have been a fantastic box. But since that item ended up swapped, and for an Essie nail polish at that, I'm a little disappointed in 2016's final box.

I do like that I received a full-size mascara from a brand that I'm not familiar with. I will be trying it out in the near future and am curious to see how it turns out.

The NeoStrata Cleansing Milk isn't the most exciting product but it's from a reliable brand and is definitely something I can use.  You don't use it with water so I'm tempted to take it on vacation with me, especially since it's also a makeup remover.

The Avène Spring Water is one of those products that I would never buy myself (it's an aerosol can of water) but it's nice to have on hand. I've already sprayed it on myself a couple of times today and it is refreshing (though it did make the eyeliner I'm testing out smear).

This box is sponsored by Rexall, meaning all of the above items can be purchased at that drugstore. It also meant that I received a $10 off $50 coupon for Rexall (a great idea), a $5 coupon for Avène, an extensive pamphlet for NeoStrata (maybe there is a coupon lurking inside of it) and a coupon for a free package of U by Kotex pads.

All of that is nice, but it's no eyeshadow. Maybe in my January box...

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