Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick Review

When my Eyeko Fat Eye Stick first showed up in my October Topbox, I was a bit intimidated by how big the pencil is. I'm not the best with eyeliner and I imagined myself using this product to draw an unintentionally chunky, amateurish line. But it turned out that despite its size, this pencil is actually really user-friendly.

According to Eyeko, these "intense, glossy eye sticks" have "a long-lasting finish" that can easily be used to create "... an on trend smudgy look." I mostly agree with all of this. While the liner initially smudged easily, letting me create a smokey eye, it quickly settled into my skin and then it didn't budge until I brought out the eye makeup remover.

The finish was definitely glossy and while "intense" might be too strong of a word, this pencil did product visible, eye-catching results. But most importantly, it went on smoothly and easily. Unlike countless other pencils out there, this one requires minimal pressure to create a clean, sharp line that perfectly outlined my eyes.

While it's not quite as good as my favourite liner, Buxom's Insider Eyeliner, it's probably my second favourite liner of all time.

This product "...is available in three wearable shades": smoke ("smoky eyes in an instant with this classic hue"), gilt ("for day to night gleam try this shimmering taupe shade") and satin ("flatter all eye shades with this must-own metallic").  My pencil was in smoke, a colour that's more of a charcoal than a true black. Personally, I quite like this as it does indeed result in a very wearable shade that is daytime-friendly.

As you would imagine, this product is packaged as a fat pencil, with a plastic case and lid. It also has a twist-up base that pushes up more pencil, which is a nice feature. An even better feature would be if this item self-sharpened or came with a sharpener. While it's easy to create a nice, tight line now, after a few more uses I'm going to need to sharpen my pencil but I don't think I currently have a sharpener that's "fat" enough for this product. I suppose that I could just use it as an eyeshadow but that would be a real waste of this product, since it excels as a liner.

The Topbox email that accompanied my box stated that this product can be found at Sephora but I can't find it on Sephora Canada's site. Maybe it's only available on the US version of the site. It can though be found on Eyeko's site, where for $20 USD, you can get the pencil in all three shades.

Would I buy this product: I would definitely pick up this trio or the pencil in satin, since I love a pretty white metallic liner. However, I'm only going to get it if I can find it in a real store.

Should you buy this product: Yes; it's something that I can see a lot of people getting plenty of use out of.

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