Thursday, December 29, 2016

Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Lotion Review

Happy New Year! Let's kick things off with a look at how to deal with one of winter's biggest issues: Dry skin.

One of the best products out there to fight winter-induced dryness is good old-fashioned Vaseline. Unfortunately, Vaseline is disgusting to apply and leaves skin looking and feeling greasy and well, gross. But it does work. Because of that, I had high hopes for Vaseline's Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Lotion, which claims to leave "your skin deeply moisturized and looking noticeably healthier" while also being "fast-absorbing for a non-greasy feel."

I started using this product (which I believe I received in a bonus Topbox) back in November. Since then, I’ve used it on my elbows, my legs, even my face. But mostly I used it on my very dry feet.

The good news is that while this lotion is made by Vaseline, it doesn’t feel like Vaseline. As per the product claim, it does absorb quickly and cleanly. This lightweight lotion left my skin feeling healthy and hydrated and best of all, it didn’t leave behind a greasy shine. Instead, my skin had a subtle glow to it.

According to Vaseline, this lightweight lotion is, “Clinically proven to moisturize deeply with the first application and to keep dry skin healed for 3 weeks with moisture, after 4 weeks' daily use." Here’s how I interpret this statement: This lotion provides ample hydration upon its initial application. I did experience that. Using it daily for four weeks will result in the treated area being dry skin-free for a further three weeks. I did not experience that.

Okay, maybe I didn’t use this lotion on my feet every day for four weeks but I did use it most nights and for longer than four weeks. My feet always felt great immediately following the lotion’s application though by the following morning, they could have used another slather of lotion. After using this product for close to five weeks, I stopped using it for several days (my daughter had gotten a hold of the tube and moved it to another part of the house). The skin on my feet quickly reverted to their usual, dry selves. So no “keep dry skin healed for 3 weeks” experience for me.

Maybe my feet were just too much of a challenge for this product. As I mentioned above, I did use it on other body parts, including my legs and elbows, and they responded a bit better. For example, I found that I could apply this lotion to my elbows and experience hydration that easily lasts into the next day. So yes, this lotion worked but only if I used it on skin that was mild-to-moderately dry. 

Sensation-wise, this product is definitely a step up from your classic Vaseline but it’s still far from a luxury product. The lotion has a thin texture and its scent is pretty much none existent. But while I would prefer a rich, perfumy moisturizer, I know that quite a few people out there will appreciate this lotion’s simpler take on hydration.

Vaseline is your classic drugstore brand and so it’s no surprise that this lotion has drugstore pricing. One 600 ml bottle retails for around $8. The plastic pump packaging is nothing special but its functional and it protects the lotion from air and dirty fingers.

Would I buy this product: I might buy it in the summer for my legs but I'd never get it to deal with really dry skin.

Should you buy this product:
If you’re looking for an affordable and simple lotion that deals with moderate dryness, this could be the product that you need in your life.

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