Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Look Beauty Feetreat Pedi Exfoliating Foot Mask Review

I don't know if I've ever been as excited to try out a beauty product as I was when I first used this one. Similar to the infamous Babyfoot peel, Look Beauty's Feetreat Pedi Exfoliating Foot Mask is a Korean product that supposedly, "removes calluses and smoothes feet within two weeks." Basically, it's supposed to cause your feet to peel like a snake and, after several days of sloughing off skin, reveal baby-smooth skin.

This is exactly what my feet need, particularly since I'll soon be headed down south where I'll have to expose my dry, leathery hooves to the world. Based on the Amazon reviews for this product, the mask was superior to any pedicure, and left most users disgusted but satisfied. I hoped that I would soon be counting myself among Look Beauty's pool of satisfied customers.

The peel's solution contains "chamomile, natural botanical and papaya extract," the latter of which is know its exfoliating properties, so the idea that this mask could literally remove a whole layer of skin isn't as outlandish it might first sound. You apply the solution by wearing what are basically liquid containing plastic slippers. Look Beauty claims that you can walk in the masks but I recommend wearing socks over them if you plan on moving around.

The solution is cool and more slippery feeling than water. It's not exactly a relaxing sensation but it didn't feel uncomfortable either. At no point did my feet feel irritated and I had no problems with leaving my feet in the mask for the recommended 90 minutes.

After those 90 minutes, I took the masks off and rinsed my feet. The front of the box states "unmask better skin in less than 30 minutes," a claim which is nullified by the back of the box, which declares, "Calluses start peeling in 4 to 7 days" and "Nearly all calluses will be removed in a further 3 to 5 days depending on their thickness." So no, 30 minutes isn't going to give you soft, smooth feet but multiple days should.


I used this product on a Tuesday. On the following Friday, which happened to be the day of Trump's inauguration, my left foot started to feel itchy. Was the sloughing happening? No, but a mild rash did develop on the top of my foot. Maybe that's supposed to happen?

Over the weekend, my feet would occasionally feel itchy (though no rash developed on my right foot). I kept checking signs of peeling and on Sunday, I found some. "It's starting!" I thought excitedly.

However, the following morning didn't bring with it nearly enough dead skin. Was there more than normal? Yes, which makes me think the mask did have some impact on my feet, but was it dramatic, impressive or even mildly disgusting? No.

It's now been seven days since I wore the masks and all I've experienced is some light peeling and flaking that hasn't improved the look or feel of my feet. Unfortunately, this mask appears to be a bust for me.

I found this product at Shoppers Drug Mart, where it retails for $9.99, which would be a great price if it worked.

Would I buy this product again: No, it clearly doesn't work for me. But I will like try out other Korean foot masks.

Should you buy this product: Only if you pick it up on sale and with low expectations. It does appear to work for some so maybe you'll be among the lucky and it will give you sandal-ready feet.

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