Tuesday, March 14, 2017

MaskerAide Spotted! Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches Review

I'm always happy to see a Canadian beauty company thriving and growing its product line. MaskerAide, which is based right here in Toronto, recently added to its family with its new Spotted! Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches. According to the company, these "anti-blemish clear spot patches help minimize, detoxify and calm those pesky pimples."

Last week, my skin gave me the "opportunity" to test that claim out. With several blemishes of varying severity on my face, I turned to these patches and was quite impressed with the results. Every blemish was decreased in size, height and overall angry-ness. While I don't know if the patches had any true detoxifying impact, they certainly calmed down and minimized my pimples.
In fact, a couple of the smaller ones appeared to have completely disappeared.

In just one night, these patches visibly improved the look and feel of my skin, thanks to 0.5 percent salicylic acid and a special blend of other ingredients including volcanic ash and tea tree oil.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, some redness and irritation had returned to my pimples and the ones that looked like they had disappeared were back. But they were clearly smaller then they had been and continuous nightly use of the patches did slowly but steadily eliminate them.

So this product isn't a complete quick fix but it does work and has both short-term and long-term results. While I used the patches overnight, they would be perfect to use for a few hours to effectively calm down a zit before a night out.

Each patch is a circular, clear piece of plastic. While MaskerAide clearly designed them to be discreet, you're still not going to want to wear these out in public. But that might end up happening because it's easy to forget that you have a patch one. While initially I did feel like I was wearing stickers on my face, that sensation quickly faded and I was left with skin that felt "naked." When compared to the goopy feeling of your typical anti-blemish lotion, these patches are much more comfortable.

They're also much less drying. Usually using an anti-zit cream for more than a two or three nights on my face leaves me with dry spots. But with this product, my skin was calmed, content and flake-free.

The patches come in two different sizes, which is a nice feature. They're sold in boxes of 96 patches, spread across 12 sheets, and on the MaskerAide site, cost $25 a box (they're also sold in several chain stores, including London Drugs). That's not cheap but it is fair considering that the results that this product delivers.

Would I buy this product: Yes, I will definitely be picking up a box of patches. While this item won't be replacing my regular anti-blemish cream, I will use it as a companion product to fight irritation without drying out my skin.

Should you buy this product: Yes!

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