Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cover Girl Clean Matte Pressed Powder Review

Last month I went on vacation. The night before I left my house, I made sure that I packed all of my essential makeup items in my hot pink Clinique toiletry bag (yep, it was a free gift). Well, almost all of my essential makeup items. I deliberately left out my Make Up For Ever HD Ultra pressed powder because I knew I would be using it prior to leaving for the airport. My plan was to pop it into my daughter's diaper bag after I had applied it. But guess what happened. Yep, I forgot to pack my beloved powder.

So a few weeks ago I found myself in a rural Alberta Shoppers Drug Mart looking for a new pressed powder that would help keep my makeup in place while fighting shine. On the advice of the store's beauty consultant, I ended up taking home Cover Girl's Clean Matte pressed powder. It's been years - no, decades - since I've used Cover Girl but I figured if the beauty consultant liked it, I would to.

Cover Girl claims that this powder is "...infused with oil absorbers to help oily skin looking fresh and shine-free" and those were basically the results I experienced upon this product's initial application. They didn't last but for 30 minutes, an hour, maybe even longer with the right temperature, my skin was matte. I also think that this powder helped my makeup stay in place a little longer.

This product is available in six shades that likely won't work for everyone but if you're pale like me, Buff Beige should work for you. Just be sure to apply it with a light hand; at least with Buff Beige, too much can leave skin with a whitish tinge.

While nowhere near a light and silky feeling as the aforementioned MUFE powder, this one felt fine on my skin. According to Cover Girl, this product's "oil-free formula won’t clog pores making it a perfect texture for sensitive skin" though since I don't have sensitive skin, I can't comment on that claim.

There's nothing fancy about this item's packaging but it is very functional. It comes with a puff that has a tendency to grab a bit more product than necessary but hey, at least this powder is cheap, coming in at around $8. It's also easily available at most drugstores.

Would I buy this product again: It's not my first choice but if I needed a cheap pressed powder, I would pick this one up again.

Should you buy this product: If you need a budget pressed powder then this one will do nicely.

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