Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Marcelle City Multi-Protection Tinted Cream Review

Back in the spring I tried out Marcelle's then-new City concealer and I loved it. So when I needed a new BB cream, I decided to pick up that concealer's companion product, City Multi-Protection Tinted Cream. It turns to have been a smart move.

According to Marcelle, this cream is, "supercharged with antioxidants, green tea, aloe and chamomile" and works to "protect skin from environmental stressors" and "prevent a dull complexion and enhance radiance." I can't really say whether or not it did protect my skin from the evils of city living but I can confidently say that it did leave my face looking happy and healthy. While it doesn't have a true matte finish, it also didn't leave my face looking shiny or even particularly glow-y.

The texture of this product hits the sweet spot of not being too thin or too thick. It goes on easily with just your fingers and blends in nicely to your skin. It also provides an impressive amount of coverage. I'm actually quite surprised that Marcelle doesn't play up this fact more because that's the primary reason why I like it.

While it's not a true foundation (and it never claims to be), it does do a good job of hiding blemishes, shadows and other imperfections. It also does an excellent job of evening skin tone and creating that "no makeup" look within a lot of makeup. Because of this, this cream has quickly become a go-to product that I wear almost daily.

Another great aspect of this cream is that it contains an SPF of 25. Or course you should never rely on SPF-containing makeup to fully protect your skin from UV rays but using such a product on top of a dedicated sun protection lotion only helps.

But while this is a great itemt, it's not magic. Marcelle claims that this cream "Tightens pores" but I didn't notice that. The company also says that it, "Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits." I found that this cream did nothing to resolve or prevent dry patches. I don't think it made them worse, and it probably did give my skin a bit of a hydration boost, but it was nothing notable.

This cream is available in four shades. The lightest one is actually very fair so I went with light-to-medium since I currently have a touch of a tan. Marcelle claims that this product also has "auto-adapting pigments" but as I've discussed before, that feature is a bunch of bull. No makeup product can truly "auto-adapt" to you skin colour.

I wish that could compare this product against my all-time favourite BB cream, Garnier's Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector for oily-to-combination skin. Both creams offer similar results though I do wonder if one is slightly better than the other. In particular, I'd love to have tested their staying power. While the Marcelle cream does stay on my face for hours barring extreme weather or other circumstances, I feel like it could do a little better in this area.

Price-wise, the Marcelle product is a little more expensive than the Garnier one. It's listed at around $20 but I've found that Marcelle usually offers in-store coupons or other discounts at Shoppers Drug Mart, making the two items cost about the same. Both creams also use very similar packaging: Basic squeeze tubes. But that works just fine for both products.

Would I buy this product again: I would though I haven't completely given up on Garnier's BB cream.

Should you buy this item: Yes! It's nothing fancy but it does work.

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