Thursday, September 21, 2017

My September 2017 Topbox

For the first time in 2017, I received a Topbox that I can confidently call a disappointment. Sure, I've received past boxes that maybe weren't 100% to my liking or that contained duplicate (or almost duplicate) items but overall, the boxes mostly contained items that I was looking forward to using. Not so for my September. Of the four different products I received, one mildly interests me and the rest just have me wishing that I'd been sent something else. Here's what I got:

  • Avry Beauty Chamomile Gloves (2 full-sized pairs)
  • IBY Beauty Highlighter in Bubbly (1.8g)
  • GLAMGLOW YouthMud Tingleexfoliate Treatment (15g)
  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum (10ml)

The chamomile gloves are the lone product that catches my interest and even then, I'm not exactly excited by them. I mean, it's essentially a mask for my hands. Now if this product had been for my feet, I would have been quite intrigued by it but since it's for my hands, a body part that doesn't trouble me and is easily taken care of with a bit of lotion, I just can't get too into it. But hopefully it is a decent product since I have two pairs of gloves.

I know that quite a few people out there would be into the highlighter I received but I'm just not that big into contouring (it always looks fake and even cheesy on me). I will try this makeup item out but I really wish that it had been an eyeshadow or a foundation.

The GLAMGLOW mask is another item that likely would have made quite a few recipients happy. But as someone who's already tried out this pricey product and wasn't impressed by it, I was kinda annoyed to see it in my box. I think I'll be passing this along to someone else.

The serum is also essentially a duplicate product for me though I'll give Topbox a pass on that since how is it to know that I've received a sample of a similar product from Sephora. Additionally, it's for dark spots and I don't have any of those so yeah, this product might also be getting a new home.

This box also came with two coupons. The first one is from Caudalie and is for a free mini-facial and a three-piece gift set with the purchase of $75 worth of Caudalie products. That's a great offer; too bad I can only redeem at Sherway Gardens.

But at least Sherway Gardens is in Toronto. The other coupon, which is for some freebies if you purchase Urban Decay's Troublemaker mascara, can only be redeemed at the brand's solo shop located in Mississauga's Square One mall. It's a good thing that I've already tried this product out.

Here's hoping that my October box is a little stronger than this one.

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