Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Katrine Marso Night Cream Review

Last month I had a long overdue facial. At the end of it, the aesthetician gave me a sample tube of a product I'd heard of: Katrine Marso Night Cream. She said that it was just what I needed to rid my forehead of a few small patches of milia.

It turns out that this product is Canadian and made by a company, "that combined methodical facial care and technical efficiency in order to provide highly effective treatments at the forefront of cosmetology."  The star of its night cream is five per cent non-neutralized glycolic acid, which is supposed to, "stimulate cellular renewal, therefore allowing better oxygenation of tissues for brighter and radiant complexion."

A type of AHA, glycolic acid is frequently found in anti-aging and anti-acne products because of its ability to break down the old, top level skin, revealing the smoother, brighter tissue found underneath. Well, that's the theory. A lot of AHA-containing products simply don't have enough of that key ingredient and/or aren't packaged properly, to actually achieve visible results.

While a five per cent glycolic acid face peel is nothing, that ratio in a daily night cream is significant, or so says my Googling. Indeed some people might react to this cream with redness, flaking and other signs of irritation. Thankfully I'm not one of those people.

Instead, the only results I had were a visible shrinking of my milia problem. My forehead (the only place I used this cream on) also looked brighter, fresher and just all-round healthier. Even better, my forehead fine lines were also diminished. I don't think this cream had much impact on any existing pimples but it might have kept some new ones from appearing. In short: This cream did a great job at improving the look and feel of my skin with no side effects.

This cream has a "rich and velvety texture" that absorbed quickly into my skin without any trace. It also has a light, slightly acidic scent to it that doesn't linger and isn't offensive.

Unfortunately this product does have one big down side: The price. Some random online beauty site retails this cream for $100 and based on my research on other Katrine Marso products, that price is in-line with what that brand sells for. At least that $100 gets you a nice looking black pump tube.

Actually, this cream does have one other problem and that is that it's not easily accessible. While I assume that Laya Spa, where I received my free sample, sells it, I don't actually know that. The official company site doesn't appear to offer ecommerce and while there is a salon finder tool, it doesn't offer anything up for Toronto. Which is a shame because I think a lot of people would enjoy this product.

Would I buy this product: If I could buy it in Shoppers, I would seriously consider it, despite the big price tag. The results are worth the cash.

Should you buy this product: If you don't have sensitive skin and are looking for something that tackles issues like milia and fine lines, this product is worth the splurge, if you can find it.

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