Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My January 2017 Topbox

I was so spoiled by all of the Sephora freebies that I received last week that my usual enthusiasm for my monthly Topbox delivery was lacking this time around. Good thing because what I received in my January box is rather blah. Okay, it's not exactly a bad shipment; I will use all four items. And one of the products is something that I wanted to try. But still, it's hardly an exciting or interesting box; after all, it contains two moisturizers.

Here's how Topbox is starting off my 2018:
  • Cake Heavy Cream Intensely Smoothing Body Butter Balm (30ml)
  • GLAMGLOW Waterburst™ Hydrated Glow Moisturizer (5ml)
  • Cougar Cosmetics Perfect Pout Volume & Shape Definition (full size)
  • Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser (43g)
The Cake body butter is the only item in this box that really interests me. I'm a big fan of Cake's products and I've been curious about this product since the company started advertising it last month. Plus it's a body butter; of course I'll use it up.

And I'll probably use up the GLAMGLOW moisturizer. I don't need another moisturizer right now but eventually I will. While I haven't tried this one out yet, I can say that it smells amazing.

I can't say that for Cougar Cosmetic's lip shaper. At first I thought this product was some kind of lip colour. It's not. It's a clear, it's gooey and it smells terrible, like some kind of petro-chemical byproduct. Will I use it? Since I have skinny, flat lips yes, yes, I will give it a shot. But unless it works miracles, I cannot see this item becoming a regular in my beauty routine.

Finally we have another dry shampoo. How many dry shampoos can one person own? I think this is my fourth. No more Topbox, no more! Still, I will use it, eventually.

Maybe Topbox just wanted to set the bar low to start off the year? I mean, we can only go up from here. 

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