Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My February 2018 Topbox Review

For the first time ever (or at least that I can remember) I didn't get the Privé Topbox that I requested. Each month, Topbox offers subscribers the chance to request one of its "Privé" boxes, brand-specific creations that list off their contents. One of February's Privé offerings was for a new makeup line and it featured deluxe-sized samples of a foundation, a concealer, a powder and a couple other products. In other words, it was a really, really good box and I really hoped that I would get it.

But I didn't get it and instead was send a regular Topbox. At least though it was a pretty good box. Here's what I received this month:
  • Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal in Crimson Chrome (deluxe sample
  • The Face Shop MASK.LAB Anti-Aging Foil Face Mask (one regular mask)
  • LARITZY Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Shimmer (full size)
  • Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Shampoo (50ml)
  • Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Conditioner (50ml)
I'm always up shampoo and conditioner samples and I quite like that these samples use the word "luminous." These bottles have already been popped into the shower and are already being used.
The face mask was another welcomed sight. While sheet masks aren't my favourite type of mask, I'll definitely use it. I'm also curious to see what a foil face mask feels and works like. 

The Smashbox lip product looks quite pretty but I don't think the colour is quite for me. It's pretty vivid and well, Christmas decoration-like. Still, maybe I'll find a time and place to wear it (like next December).

I think I'll have more opportunities to wear the eye liner, which isn't as shimmery as the name implies. However, it is a pencil crayon-style pencil, which I find difficult and even painful to use. But maybe this will be the product that changes my opinion on this style of pencil. I guess we'll see...

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