Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Druxy’s Smoked Salmon Sandwich

On Saturday I found myself in the sad place known as the Eaton Centre’s food court. While my husband wanted Harvey’s, I didn’t feel like fast food so I decided to give Druxy’s a try.

My original plan was to make-my-own smoked salmon sandwich. However, as I was rather rudely informed by a Druxy’s employee, I couldn’t do that.  The smoked salmon only comes in one form, though thankfully I could get it without onions and did have the option to get it toasted.
Now, maybe it’s just that particular Druxy’s location, but the whole ordering process was rather confusing and unpleasant. The woman working the cash couldn’t even be bothered to tell me what I owed.

As I paid $7 for my sandwich, I was starting to feel like I should have just gone to Subway. This feeling only grew when a surprisingly small, paper-wrapped sandwich was thrusted into my hands. Clearly, this thing wasn’t made with love.

So after all of that, I was quite surprised to find that my sandwich was very, very tasty and packed with some delicious smoked salmon. While the bread wasn’t thick, it was perfectly toasted and not drowning in cream cheese. It was though a little heavy on capers and lettuce but better too much than too little, right?

By the time I was done my sandwich, I was quite happy that I’d picked Druxy’s over Subway or any other food vendor. The next time I find myself hungry and in the Eaton Centre, I will definitely be picking up one of these sandwiches.

Would I buy this again: Happily!
Should you buy it: If you love smoke salmon then yes.

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