Sunday, January 30, 2011

The HomeBake Pizza Company

The HomeBake Pizza Company, located at Roncesvalles and Dundas, is one of those places I’ve always wanted to try but never have because its food isn’t cheap and unlike makeup, I don’t really like taking risks with what I eat (there’s nothing worse than being hungry and having food in front of you that you don’t like).

But when a $12-for-$25 worth of pizza Groupon went on sale, I decided this was the perfect way to try out HomeBake.

What makes HomeBake different than other pizza places is that it doesn’t bake your pizza, you take it home and do that (hence the name). Instead, it prepares the pie for you and then you go and pick it up.

It’s kind of an odd concept and if you’re looking for greasy, gooey pizza, this isn't the place. HomeBake is all about being healthy and using organic ingredients whenever possible. And it has dozens of ingredients to choose from, allowing you to make a totally custom pizza. (Though no smoked salmon option. Why is that never an option?)

HomeBake also has its “favourites” and we decided to go with one of those – the mediterraneo, which was topped with grain-fed roasted chicken, organic baby tomatoes, grilled summer zucchini and chevre cheese.

Overall, it was pretty good, with the best part being the thin, crispy-yet-chewy crust.

Our pizza wasn’t loaded with toppings but there was enough of everything and I was quite impressed with the quality of the breast meat used as the chicken topping.

The only missteps were with the mozzarella distribution and the sauce. Where there was cheese, it was delicious but unfortunately, it was a thin in spots. The sauce meanwhile, was thin all over and a bit bland. To be honest, the sauce part didn’t bother me since I’m not a big tomato sauce person, but I could see this being an issue for some.

Our pizza cost $23.95 for a large, a size that could feed up to four adults. A plain cheese large runs $15.95 while a regular is $13.95 and toppings can be as pricey as $2.95 for the premium ones.  Not cheap but considering the quality of food you’re getting, it’s a good value.

While husband and I both enjoyed our pizza, it’s too pricey to be regular food item in our house. Instead, I can see a HomeBake pizza becoming one of those “treat” foods we occasionally get.

And I can totally see myself picking up one of these pizzas if I ever have to go to a potluck where I can bring dessert.

Would I buy this again: Yes.
Should you buy it: If you’re in the neighbourhood, go for it (HomeBake doesn’t deliver).

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