Tuesday, February 1, 2011

L’Oreal’s Root Rescue

While Pureology shampoo and conditioner might be great at preserving hair colour, it can’t save what’s not there so this past weekend, I found myself touching up my roots.

Up until then, I’ve always used Clairol’s Nice’N Easy Root Touch-up for this job. It’s a great product and my only issue with it is that sometimes it’s hard to find my particular shade (I guess it’s popular). So I had no intentions not to use it this time but, when I walked into Shopper’s something new and shiny (and on sale) caught my eye: L’Oreal’s Root Rescue.

Now if you’re thinking this is going to turn into a hair colouring disaster story, you’re wrong. Root Rescue’s end results are great and I’m very happy with the shiny, natural colour it gave me, colour that blends seamlessly with my existing highlights. Getting to those results though was a bit of pain.

The problem with Root Rescue is very clear: the applicator. It’s just plain awkward to use.

First, you use it to mix the solution. Pouring short, fat bottle number two into tall, skinning bottle number one (aka the applicator) is a bit tricky and while I didn’t spill anything, I could see how things could go wrong here.

It was the same situation when it came to shaking up the solution. Nothing bad happened but I could imagine how, if you didn’t screw that lid on tight enough, you end up with hair dye all over the bathroom.

Then it was time to actually apply the stuff. You’re supposed to gently squeeze the tube and out will come the dye, in a controlled manner. Of course, what really happens is that you gently squeeze, nothing happens, you squeeze a little harder, nothing happens, you squeeze even harder and out comes a big glob, that you then mash all over your roots, using the applicator’s rather useless brush tips.

To be fair, the applicator does get the job done, it just does it in a way that’s bit messy and awkward.

Colour-wise, this product is on par with the Clairol’s Root Touch-up however, the latter is much easier to mix and apply so I think I’ll stick with it. Still, it’s nice to know I do have a “back-up” in case I can’t find my colour (or, knowing my luck, Clairol discontinues it).

Would I buy this again: As a back-up, yes.
Should you buy it: If this brand is the only one that offers your colour, go for it. Otherwise go with Clairol’s Nice’N Easy Root Touch-up.

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