Tuesday, April 5, 2011

American Apparel’s Bamboo Jersey Tights

After a string of positive reviews, time for a negative one and it’s on American Apparel’s Bamboo Jersey Tights.

What really annoys me about this product is that it used to be great. I’ve worn these tights for the past four, maybe five, years and I liked them because besides being comfortable and versatile (they work just as well in an office as on the dance floor), they were also really durable.

For the first three, I went through a total of three pairs of these tights. That’s one pair a year and I think that’s pretty good, especially considering that I’m kind of klutzy and do walk into coffee tables, planters, chairs, etc.

But for some reason, the last two pairs I bought, including a pair I bought just last month, have been crap when it comes to quality; each pair developed a hole during the course of their first wearing.

OK, so in the one pair, the hole was along my calf, meaning I likely caught the fabric on something. However, I have no idea what caused that rip. It wasn’t like I fell in a prickly bush and so of course the tights ripped. No, I likely rubbed up against a piece of furniture and that was all it took to destroy the tights (and once the rip started, it grew pretty quick in size).

In the other pair, a rip appeared along the toe seam and to me, that’s just a sign of a poorly made product.

Interestingly, I have a pair of these tights that must be two years old by now. Apart from a hole along one seam that appeared last summer, they’re still in great condition so again, this used to be an excellent product but given my recent experiences, I won’t be buying these tights again.

While the quality of these tights may have gone down, the price hasn’t and they retail for about $26 in Canada. That’s way too much to spending on something that likely will have to be tossed after just one wear (plus given American Apparel's current financial woes, these tights might not be around much longer anyways).

Would I buy this again: No
Should you buy it: No

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