Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blistex’s Fruit Smoothies

There are a few types of products out there that you just personally know aren’t going to deliver on their promises. For me, I’m consistently let down by lip balms.

Not lipstick or lip gloss, no, there are plenty of decent products out there that make your lips look pretty (like this one). Lip balms, products that are supposed to make your lips healthy, or at least moisturized, seem to be much more challenging to get right.

A while ago I picked up Blistex’s Fruit Smoothies trio. What drew me to this product is that it was made up of three small, but not too small lip balms that contained SPF 15 and seemed like they would smell nice. Plus Blistex makes Silk & Shine, probably the only lip balm that I actually like.

So how did the Fruit Smoothies work out? Are they are “creamy and juicy” like they claim to be? And do they “explode with fresh tasting fruit flavors”?

Well, all three flavours, Melon Medley, Berry Explosion and Triple Topical, do smell and taste great. But since licking your lips just makes them more dehydrated, the great taste thing is actually a negative here.

My real problem with this product is that, like too many lip balms, it only offers short-term moisture. Sure, it goes on nice and creamy and for ten, 15 minutes, your lips feel great. But then the balm seems to disappear (or you lick it off) and your lips are back to feeling nasty.

On the plus side, I do really like the size of this product. My one complaint about Silk & Shine is that it’s a bit big and doesn’t always fit nicely in pant pockets. That’s not an issue with the Fruit Smoothies.

And this product does contain SPF 15, so while it might not keep your lips from cracking and bleeding, it might help prevent cancer, as well as reduce the signs of aging.

While Fruit Smoothies don’t work for me, they do have some redeeming features and are fairly affordable, under $10, so because of that, I can’t say that you shouldn’t buy them. But I will say that don’t be surprised if they are just another short-term solution lip balm.

Would I buy this again: No
Should you buy it: If you want a fruity, pocket-friendly lip balm, give it a shot

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