Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautypedia’s Free!

Beautypedia, one of the web’s top beauty product review sites, is now completely free!

For years you needed an annual subscription to view the hundreds of product reviews on this site, created by Paula “Cosmetic Cop” Begoun. Then earlier this year, it was free for two months, a move that Paula’s decided to make permanent.

This is a great thing for any beauty product user because this site is packed with quality review after quality review. New lines, and products, are consistently being added and yes, they do look at re-formulated items.

Another reason why I love this site it’s super-easy to use. You can search by all kinds of parameters, including price and whether or not a product is tested on animals. Just want to know the best stuff to use? Then head over here.

OK, so Paula does tend to push her own line but given this woman’s wealth of knowledge, I would think that what she sells really is great stuff (but I’ve never tried it).

For more details on how Paula and her team review items, check this page out.

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