Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Chocolateria's Turtles

Last weekend I tried out the Chocolateria’ s much-hyped chocolate-dipped potato chips. While I was busy eating the chips and not being that wowed, was husband was devouring shop’s version of turtle chocolates. He was so impressed with them that this weekend, we went back, bought more and this time, I got to try them.

Unlike the chocolate-dipped potato chips, which were OK but not something I need to eat again, the turtles are absolutely fantastic. One bite in and I realized how was husband was able to eat four of these things in one night,

The Chocolateria’s take on turtles is similar to what you get at Christmas time but bigger and much, much better.

They’re made with a delicious, rich dark chocolate that isn’t that bitter and I think would appeal to most people. Mixed in are plenty of crunchy pecans and a creamy caramel that I really like. I’m not usually a big caramel fan, I often find that it tastes too “chemically”, but in these turtles, it’s just perfect.

Of course, you’re going to pay for all that quality. The Chocolateria charges $6.50 for a package of four turtles; though do keep in mind that these are bigger than your Nestle Turtles. While not cheap, these chocolates are definitely worth the money.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I meant to take one before we opened the package but husband had that thing opened within minutes of us walking through the door.  

Would I buy this again: Yes
Should you buy it: Yes

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