Friday, April 15, 2011

Jessica Jean Myers, the makeup artist who was at my bachelorette, is running her first-ever giveaway over on her blog and decided to enter.

This means that I need to check out, an online beauty store that Jessica loves.

And I can see why, this site has a ton of products on it, everything from makeup to hair care to even candles, from such well-known brands as Burt’s Bees, Stila and Clinique to more niche and emerging lines like m Luxe and one of my favourites, REN.

Besides offering of ton of stuff, this site also offers plenty of details on the products it sells. Take for example this product page for Smashbox’s famed Photo Finish Foundation Primer. In addition to featuring customer reviews, the site explains what the product does, who it’s for and displays key and full ingredients, as well as list all the colour options and offer image close-ups.

And like any good beauty product pusher, this site does offer a loyalty program as well as hassle-free returns. There’s also free shipping on orders over $49 and the site claims to offer the lowest guaranteed price.

Yes, it is an American site, so all the prices are in American dollars, but with the loonie flying high, those US prices just mean that everything’s extra cheap for us Canadians.

I was going to do a Sephora run in the near future to pick up a few things but first I’m going to do some number crunching with and see if maybe it’s cheaper to order those items from this site.


  1. Hey...saw the shout out so I decided to say hi! Glad you entered my contest and hope you are doing well. I've found Apothica to be a really good deal w/ things b/c they have loyalty programs that give you money off and if you look up coupons online you can find good coupon codes. Plus if you try and order Sephora online it sends you to the Canadian site w/ the more expensive Canadian prices :( Plus Apothica let's you combine coupons and giftcards I recently had a $50 giftcard from Apothica and I used a 20% off coupon plus I used $13.50 that I had in Loyalty dollars and w/ my shipping to CANADA my $70 bottle of perfume came to UNDER $6.50!

  2. Oh, thanks for letting me know about the coupon codes and for making me take a good look at It's one of those sites I've heard of before but thought it was just another Sephora knock-off (and yeah, ordering online from Sephora is not a good deal).