Tuesday, December 13, 2011

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fibre Lashes

According to its packaging, this mascara uses “volumizing fibres” to create a “false lashes effect”. I didn’t know they made “daytime” false lashes because daytime lashes, lashes that are pretty but don’t have any really wow factor, are exactly what this mascara gives you.

This mascara is supposed to give me lashes that, “… appear fuller, longer, sculpted and curled at every angle” and I can’t argue with that claim, this product does do all of that. It just doesn’t do it at the very dramatic, “false lashes” level. And really, for a daytime look, that’s fine; I actually prefer that my day makeup looks like it could be natural.

Night time is a whole other story and then, this mascara just doesn’t cut it, even after applying multiple coats.

The packaging also says that the mascara is: “Clump-free, Flake-free, Smudge-free. Fragrance-free.” I’ll give it the last item but unfortunately, I do run into the other three while using this product. However, the clumping wasn’t anything that couldn’t be quickly cleaned up (nothing like the Marcelle mascara I recently tried) and the flaking and smudging was minimal. In fact, if I didn’t rub my eyes, I probably wouldn’t have had any smudging at all.

I wish I had a tube of regular L’Oreal Voluminous mascara so that I could compare it to this new version. I’m curious about the volumizing fibres and if they really do anything besides maybe creating some clumping (it’s been awhile since I used Voluminous but I recall that it was a mascara that went on very cleanly).  They certainly don’t add in the glamour that the pretty gold tube this mascara comes in suggests.

But they do keep your lashes looking pretty for a whole day and then wash off easily, key qualities for any day mascara. Another key quality? A reasonable price and this mascara also has that; it’s only around $12.

So if you’re looking for a new, affordable day mascara, this a fine choice but do plan on having another mascara for those times when you want to wow things up.

Would I Buy This Again: Yeah, I might.
Should You Buy It: Only if you’re okay with not having a “false lash effect.”

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