Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yves Rocher Italian Mandarin Bath & Shower Gel

I received a bottle of this shower gel in my December 2011 Luxe Box. As I previously stated, I was a bit disappointed to get it as it’s just a shower gel. Sure, it claims to be “full of vitamins” and “pH balanced for skin” but so are a lot of body gels.

But let’s give credit where credit is due: this is one amazing smelling product. Yves Rocher claim that it creates a “…delicate and delicious citrus-scented lather” and that’s completely true.

What I really like about this gel‘s scent is that it’s quite light and natural. It’s not overly sweet like some orange-scents out there (*cough* Body Shop *cough*) and it really does smell like a mandarin orange.

Unfortunately, this wonderful scent only lasts in the shower and as soon as it’s rinsed off, it’s gone.

On the plus side, the gel itself also rinses off easily. It’s a very smooth, “clean” feeling product that doesn’t go crazy on the lather, instead giving you just the right amount.

While this product might be lacking in benefits, it does do a great job at being a wonderfully scented, basic shower gel.

According to Yves Rocher’s website, this is a seasonal item that was produced for Christmas. However, it is still available and now for half price ($6 for 400ml). While I’m not interested in picking up another bottle, I can see how this could be a nice gift item. If you’re interested in it, click here and then look for it over in the side (I guess because it’s limited it’s not worthy of its own web page).

Would I Buy This Again: No, but I would use it again if someone gave it to me.
Should You Buy It: As a gift or you’re someone who loves the scent of natural orange.

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