Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Liberté Greek Yogourt

A few weeks ago I was picked by Divine.ca to test taste Liberté’s new line of Greek yogurt. This “assignment” had me trying three of the seven different flavours this product comes in and I picked the plain, the vanilla and the strawberry kinds.

All three flavours are made “…using traditional methods”, which means the base of these yogurts is skim milk and bacterial cultures (and in the case of the plain kind, those are the only two ingredients).

All three flavours also share similar nutritional benefits:  They’re fat free, packed with protein, contain probiotics and are reasonable when it comes to calories (of course the plain version has the lowest calorie count). But when it comes to taste, these three flavours definitely vary.

First up, the plain kind. This was my least favourite as it was too tart for me. I actually usually like tart foods but this flavour just didn’t do it for me. The info that Liberté sent me mentioned using the yogurts, and in particular the plain kind, in recipes and that I can see. While this yogurt didn’t taste that great on its own, I can see how it could used as part of a smoothie or some kind of dessert,

The strawberry flavour tasted much, much better. However, while I liked it, I can see how some people might be disappointed by the fact that this strawberry yogurt doesn’t contain any chunks of real strawberry. Instead, it has a strawberry jam-like substance on the bottom that you then mix in with the rest of the yogurt.

As much as I liked the strawberry flavour, it had nothing on the vanilla, which is my hands-down favourite. In fact, I’m actually eating my second container of this flavour as I write this review.

It’s sweet but not too sweet, with just a hint of vanilla flavouring. And while all of three yogurt flavours are quite thick and creamy, this one seems extra-creamy for some reason. The only downside is that even though this yogurt is quite filling, I can’t stop eating it.

Would I buy this again: Already have.
Should you buy it: Yes.

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