Sunday, February 5, 2012

Schick Hydro Silk Razor

To promote its latest ladies’ razor, Hydro Silk, Schick has decided to go the sample route. Over the past few weeks, it’s been distributing free razors to beauty bloggers, Klout users and beauty sample site subscribers (I received one razor from Luxe Box and another via Klout). It’s a smart strategy because it gets a new product in the hands of people who love to talk about new products. It also creates an instant customer base for Schick’s new razor blade line (which I’m sure will be pricey, like all razor blade lines) and I have no doubt that a good chunk of people who received one of these razors will be picking up those blades because this is an excellent product.
Before trying out this product, my razor of choice was Gillette’s Mach 3 because of its ability to deliver a close shave. Hydro Silk is able to deliver the exact same amazing shave but without knicking my skin, something I have a nasty habit of doing with a fresh Mach 3 blade. I was actually able to use the Hydro Silk razor to shave both legs, without any shaving cream, and not draw any blood.  

Initially I did find Hydro Silk’s oversized blade head a bit wobbly but I was able to find a way to hold it that allowed me to have full control over it while still having my hand in a comfortable position. While the handle for this razor does look a bit clunky, it’s actually quite comfortable and is also slip resistant.

Schick’s big claim for this product is that it, “Hydrates your skin like no other razor” by having a “Water-activated moistening serum” in that oversized head that supposedly keeps skin hydrated, “For up to two hours after shaving.”

I find that last part a bit amusing since basically Schick is saying that hey, this product could moisturize your skin for two hours or for five minutes. Personally, I did find my legs softer after using this product but I couldn't swear that it was from the serum or just from the razor blade doing a bit of an exfoliating job.

A quick note about that serum: Its first ingredient is PEG-115M, a popular ingredient in razor blade moisturising stripes that is sometimes contaminated with dioxanes (head to page 12 in this document on the dangers of dioxanes). While the use of PEGs is debatable, I know it’s one of those ingredients that some people try to avoid.  

While Schick’s Hydro Silk is a great razor, I haven’t yet decided if it will be replacing my Mach 3. My husband also uses a Mach 3 razor and I like that we can just buy one type of razor blade. I’m also a bit afraid of the price of the blades. While I was told that the razor itself retails for around $15, nothing was said about the cost of the blades. That can’t be a good sign…

Would I buy this again: Depends on the price of the blades.
Should you buy it: If you’re not happy with your current razor, this one is worth checking out.

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