Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NYX Eye Shadow in Dust Sparkle

One of the products I received in my January Luxe Box was a full-sized sample of NYX eye shadow in Dust Sparkle. NYX isn’t a brand I’m familiar with but I loved this shadow’s  sparkly, pale pink colour from the moment I saw it so I was quite excited to check this item out.

This is a very light, silky-feeling, powdered eye shadow that can be easily blended with other colours or worn on its own. While the light pink shade I received is subtle, this eye shadow actually packs a lot of punch because it’s heavy on the sparkles (NYX describes it as "shear/glitter", which is quite accurate, even though it sounds weird). In fact, it might be a bit too sparkly for some but personally, I quite like it.

What I didn’t like is how easily the sparkles got on my face while I applied the powder. After a couple of uses, I realized I had to be very careful when applying this product and even then, I would still end up with at least a couple of shiny flecks on my face.

I know that a few Luxe Box customers have complained about how easily this shadow wears off but I think that this problem is happening because these people are applying it directly to bare lids. I found that while yes, this shadow did rapidly fade when applied directly to my skin, it actually had quite a bit of staying power when applied to lids that had been prepped with a primer, a base eye shadow or even just loose face powder.

While testing out the shadow, I wore it over each of those other products and ended up with the same results each time. After four hours of wear, the shadow looked just as fresh as when I had first applied it and there was absolutely no creasing, two results that I rarely get out of shadows that cost significantly more than this one, which retails for about $5.

But by around the nine-hour mark, the fading had started and there was some creasing though compared to some other shadows I’ve tried, this one did pretty good.

And while it did shed sparkles on me while I was applying it, once those sparkles were on, they were on and didn’t flake across my face. Of course, this meant that this shadow was a pain to wash over but I’d rather have to use eye makeup remover to take off a shadow than end up with a face covered in glitter.

For its price, this is a pretty good product and one I will definitely be checking out in other colours.

Would I buy this again:
Should you buy it: Yes.

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