Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest & Shopcastr

Are you on Pinterest, the social network of the moment? If so, be sure to follow me. While this blog is mostly about stuff that I buy, my Pinterest boards are mostly about stuff that I want to buy (and I promise they are, and always be, free of cheesy motivational quotes and any thinspiration photos). Here are a few items that I’ve recently pinned:

(If you need an invite to Pinterest, let me know: stufflindsabought[remove]

And speaking of “pinning” sites, a Toronto-centric one recently launched. Shopcastr is different than Pinterest in many ways (you don’t have multiple boards and you can’t pin random images from across the internets) but the basic idea is the same: you, the user, browse through a wide range of images and then indicate the ones you like by “loving” the image (Shopcastr’s version of “pinning”).

On Shopcastr, all the images are products offered for sale by Toronto businesses. In addition to loving individual items, you can also pin specific stores as well as filter by neighbourhood and product type.

This site is ideal for someone lazy like myself. Sure, I could go outside and physically browse through the stores that appear on Shopcastr but that takes time and energy. Thanks to Shopcastr, I can flip through the offerings of local businesses and then only head out once I’ve found something I like.

Shopcastr has also introduced me to all kinds of stores that I would also never stumble across because they’re located in some far off place like Leslieville. Plus, unlike with Pinterest, everything I see on Shopcastr I could buy (if money and space were no object).

Shopcastr is currently open to everyone and creating an account and getting started is quite easy. For more details on Shopcastr, check out this article about it over on  

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