Friday, February 24, 2012

Lise Watier 24 HRS Glam Mascara

Today’s review is on another Lise Watier product that claims to last but unlike the 12 Hrs Glam Flawless Complexion foundation, this one actually lives up to its name. Well, part of its name.

According to this mascara’s product write-up, it “…lasts all day, and all night for an astonishing 24 smudge-free, waterproof, sweatproof, humidity proof and, sob, tear proof hours.” Quite the claim but it’s one that, much to my surprise, is true.

OK, I didn’t cry while wearing this mascara but I did workout, shower and frequently touch my eyes. But no matter what I did, this mascara didn’t budge. No flaking, no smudge, no anything other than nicely enhancing my eyes with daytime-appropriate length and volume.

This mascara achieves this amazing feat by using a smartly designed brush that coats each lash in an “elastic polymer formula” that just didn’t budge until I manually removed it with warm water and my fingers.

Initially I wasn’t fully removing this mascara and it started to build up on my lashes, which resulted in clumping when I re-applied it. But as soon as I figured out that I had to rub my lashes to get this product off, the clumping issue vanished and I could go back to quickly and easily applying this product without having to deal with clumping or spider-lashes.

Besides impressing me with its durability, I was also wowed by how “cleanly” this mascara went on. If only all mascaras could just be whipped on, without the need for a lash comb or any extra fussing.

But while I agree with this product’s claim of, “…providing extreme, long-lasting wear,” I can’t agree with its claim that it creates, “…an infinitely glamorous look…”. To me, that means that this mascara creates a dramatic look and I just don’t see that. A pretty look, yes, but not one that’s going to make you or anyone one else go, “Wow, look at those lashes.”

And I’m not the only one who thinks this. I received this product in my February Luxe Box, which came with a card that contains Luxe Box’s hints for each sample. For this mascara, Luxe Box recommends pairing it with a volumizing mascara so I tried this out. It was a great suggestion because the Lisa Watier mascara nicely “cleaned up” the clumping Marcelle product I put on first to thicken my lashes. And while this pairing did result in some flaking, it was less than I usually had when wearing the Marcelle mascara alone.

At $22 this certainly isn’t the cheapest mascara out there but in terms of bang for your buck, it’s one of the better ones out there. I think I will be picking up a full-sized version of this item once my sample runs out.

Would I buy this again: Yes.
Should you buy it: Yes but only if your lashes are strong enough to handle being manually cleaned.

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