Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lise Watier 12 Hrs Glam Flawless Complexion

As its name suggests, this foundation is all about providing coverage for multiple hours. While none of the packaging claims specifically state that this product will last for 12 hours, they do mention “long-lasting” and state how this item will provide, “…a perfectly flawless complexion that lasts all day long…”

If only this were true.

I tried wearing this foundation both on its own and over primer and while it did do better over primer (as one would expect), it started to fade in under four hours when I wore it on its own. And no, I wasn’t exercising or exposing my face to crazy weather (a couple of times I didn’t even go outside). While I wouldn’t expect any foundation to last for 12 hours, I did honestly think that maybe this product could last for six. But even with primer, it couldn’t reach that number.

Long-lasting isn’t this product’s only claim. It also boasts that its moisturizing, provides high coverage and that, “Its velvety texture dries almost instantly leaving a smooth natural and radiant finish.” While I didn’t find this product to be particularly moisturizing, the other claims are quite accurate.

This is a highly pigmented foundation that provides medium-to-high coverage. But while it does a great job of covering up blemishes and evening out my skin tone, it doesn’t look or feel heavy. Instead, it feels like nothing on my skin and yes, it does have a “velvety” texture. It also looks great, completely natural with just a hint of dewiness.

At $45 for a full-sized bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap. If it really did provide 12-hour coverage, or even eight-hour coverage, I would seriously consider picking this item up because in many ways it is a great foundation. But at that price, for such short-term results, I have to pass.

*I received this item in one of my Luxe Boxes. If you want to become a Luxe Box subscriber and receive four-five beauty samples a month, click here.*

Would I buy this again: No.
Should you buy it: If you can get a sample, do try this product out. Maybe it will stay on your face better than it stays on mine.


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