Monday, February 20, 2012

Samy Moisture Plus Hydrating Shampoo + Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

I’ve been using this current hair washing routine for the past two weeks and so far I’m not impressed. Yeah, it gets my hair clean but it falls short on adding shine and silkiness, as well as strength. While my hair doesn't look bad, it has certainly looked better.

The Samy shampoo isn’t a new product for me. I’ve used it before and previously it did a great job. According to its packaging, this shampoo will “drench your hair in moisture” and is all about hydrating it for “a radiant shine and smoothness”. While I can’t say that this shampoo ever gave me the “straight from the salon look” that the packaging claims it will, it did definitely make my hair shinier, softer and healthier.

However, for some reason, this shampoo doesn’t work particularly well with the Dove conditioner that I recently picked up. I decided to buy it because I’m a big fan of Dove’s deodorant and I quite enjoy its line of body washes so I figured hey, this should also be a great product.

The bottle’s claim that it could result in “up to 95% fewer split ends” also caught my eye.  A look at the fine print revealed that this claim isn’t quite as impressive as it sounds: “system vs non-conditioning shampoo,” which means that using the Dove Intensive Repair “system” will result in fewer split ends than if you just used a clarifying shampoo. While I’m sure this is true, it’s also not very amazing. Of course using a shampoo and conditioner will result in healthier hair than just using a basic shampoo.

But despite this silly claim, and this product’s use of the phrases “Fibre Actives” and “Micro Moisture Serum” to describe some common conditioner ingredients, I decided to give it a chance. However, I won’t be giving it a second one; once this bottle is gone, that’s it, I won’t be picking up this conditioner again.

According to the back of this conditioner’s bottle, the “Intensive Repair System leaves hair strengthened and resilient to future damage”. Now, I’m not using the “Intensive Repair System” and maybe this is why my hair hardly looks strong and split end-free. But I rarely use any brand’s hair care “system” and the results are generally positive. I also strongly believe that a product should be able to stand on its own, and not depend on a system “to work”. Maybe I do need to pair this conditioner with its shampoo but if that is the case, I’m not interested in this line.

Would I buy this again: I’ll likely give the shampoo another shot but not the conditioner.
Should you buy it: The shampoo’s worth a shot but not the conditioner.

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