Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Winner Of Mascara Week Is...

Mascara Week is wrapping up here on Stuff Lindsay Bought so, without any more fuss, here’s who came out on top as well as how the losers rank:

  1. Tarte mascara in lights, camera, lashes!
  2. Lancome Hypnose Drama
  3. Stila Glamoureyes
  4. Benefit They're Real

Now, I need to quickly add that this was a very, very tight competition and that the top three mascaras are all great products. While they’re not perfect, they will visibly enhance your lashes with minimal-to-no flaking or smudging. And actually, depending on what you’re after, the #3 mascara actually might be your #1.

Tarte’s lights, camera, lashes! is the perfect daytime mascara. While it doesn't pack the same impact as the Benefit or Stila mascaras, it does go on quickly and easily and it adds just the right amount of volume, length and curl for a perky-and-pretty lashes.

Personally, I want big lashes, even during the daytime, which is why Stila and Benefit are #1 and #2, respectively. Both products bring long-lasting wow factor that looks and feels great. While they each have their issues, the Stila mascara tends to leave product on eyelids while the Benefit one has a bad habit of creating spider lashes, overall they’re both top-notch products whose biggest difference is price (roughly $22 vs. $28).

As for the Lancome mascara, it was a surprising disappointment. Yes, it brought a ton of volume and length to my lashes but it was complicated to apply and flaked like crazy. Plus it was the priciest of the four products.

Personally, the next time I need mascara, I think I’ll be picking up Stila’s Glamoureyes. It’s got pretty much everything I’m looking for and the price is quite reasonable.

As for you, as long as you don’t get the Lancome mascara you’ll be picking up a great product.

If you do pick up any of these mascaras, make sure that you have a good makeup remover, like Clinique's Rinse-off Eye Makeup Remover, on hand. All of these products, including even the Lancome one, don't wash off easily.

Mascara Week Results...

Ease of application***************
Results************ *****
Staying power****************

All rankings are out of five.

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