Monday, April 1, 2013

Sephora Instant Moisturizer

Sephora sums this product up as, “An intensive moisturiser  radiance booster, and wrinkle fighter.”  I don’t feel that I've used this product long or regularly enough to comment on its ability “…to prevent signs of ageing” but I do feel qualified to comment on whether or not it “ moisturises intensively.”

My comment: It doesn't.

Yes, this product does have a “…light, non-greasy texture...” but it is hardly a “exceptional cream” despite containing something called  “HydroSenn+”, which Sephora describes as, “…a natural ingredient proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration more effectively than hyaluronic acid.”  While this quick-absorbing cream did leave my skin feeling moisturised  a look in the mirror revealed the true story. Despite its claims, this product couldn't prevent new, or eliminate existing, dry patches.

Besides HydroSenn+, this product also contains “…light reflecting pigments…” that are supposed to “…give skin an instant glow…” And actually, under the right light, I found that these pigments did indeed act as a “radiance booster” and did brighten my skin. But up close, under the wrong light, the pigments tended to look a little sparkly. Thankfully, I quickly discovered that a coat of foundation and a bit of loose powder easily minimized this very unwanted result.

Now for what this product doesn't contain: It’s free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, triclosan and GMOs, all of which is great news. Not so great is that it also doesn't contain any degree of sun protection though to be fair, this product isn't marketed as a day cream.

What it is marketed as is a fantastic moisturiser  something I just found wasn't the case for my skin. Yes, this product left my skin feeling great and it did brighten it but unfortunately this cream didn't actually add in the moisture that I needed to fight dry spots.

On the plus side, it didn't have any negative impact on my skin. I experienced no redness or irritation while using this product and it didn't seem to trigger blemishes or clog my pores. And had I bought this cream (I tested this product using a free deluxe-sized sample), it wouldn't have done too much damage to my wallet, coming in at around $15 for a one-ounce tube.

Would I buy this product: No, it just doesn't bring the moisturising punch that my skin needs.

Should you buy this product: If you have dry skin, or, like me, dry patches, skip this cream. And because of its light reflecting pigments, you probably want to avoid it if you have fine lines, wrinkles or are prone to blemishes (the pigments may highlight these problems areas). But if you have normal skin and are looking for a fast absorbing, lightweight moisturiser  you might actually do okay with this product.

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