Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shoppers Spend Your Points Event This Weekend!

Shoppers Drug Mart will be hosting a Spend Your Points Event this weekend (April 6-7) that will turn 50,000 Optimum points into $100 worth of free stuff (that's a bonus $15) and 95,000 points, the top level, into $200 worth of stuff (that's a bonus $30).

I have just over 95,000 points and will be taking advantage of this offer to stock up on some of Shoppers' pricier items like razor blades, vitamins and of course makeup. I also hope to grab some discounted Easter candy.

This weekend's flyer isn't out yet but likely will be posted later today or early tomorrow over here if you want to plan out exactly how to spend a $100 or $200 this weekend (personally I take a much more casual, and spontaneous, approach to spending my Optimum points).

But if you don't have enough points, or the need to blow your points at Shoppers this weekend, you can always wait until the next Spend Your Points Events, which will likely be held in June, if not sooner.

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