Tuesday, June 18, 2013

bliss lemon+sage Body Butter Vs. Cake Milk Made Nourishing Body Butter

Loose powders aren't the only thing I've been comparing these past few weeks. I've also been testing out two yummy selling body butters, one made by Cake and the other made by bliss, to see if one performs better than the other.

Comparing these two products was easy: I simply applied the Cake one to just my left leg and I applied the bliss one to just my right leg.

The immediate results were identical. Both of these body butters have a thick, rich texture that feels fabulous on. Yeah, both moisturizers did leave my skin feeling a little greasy but they also felt like they were really hydrating my skin.

After two weeks’ worth of nearly daily use, both of my legs were silky smooth and soft.  Based on both touch and look, both body butters did a great, and essentially equal job, at moisturizing my skin.
But while these body butters might produce identical results, they do have a few key differences. The first is price. At around $35 for a 6.7 oz, the bliss butter is pricier than the Cake one, runs around $24 for 8 oz. They’re also packaged differently, with the bliss moisturizer coming in a tube while the Cake one is packaged in a tube.

Both products do share multiple ingredients, including coconut oil, but only Cake claims to have a body butter that’s free of parabens, gluten, GMOs and other controversial ingredients.

Then there's how these two products smell. Both of these body butters are heavily scented but in very different ways. The Cake butter has a sweet scent that always reminds me of baking (it contains notes of vanilla, milk and raspberries) while the bliss butter has a citrus-y, “clean” scent that sort of reminds me of cleaning products but in a good way.

Personally, I love both scents but I can see why someone might be turned off by one of them. And while it should go without saying, if you’re someone who has issues with scented products, avoid both of these body butter.

But if you love rich, scented body butters, you’ll want to check out both of these items. Which one to use really depends on which scent you prefer; as well as how much you want to spend to get well hydrated skin.

Want to learn more about Cake’s Milk Made Nourishing Body Butter? Then read my review on it, and its matching body scrub, over here.

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