Monday, September 23, 2013

KMS California Quick Blow Dry

As someone with long hair that usually takes around 20 minutes to blow dry, I was thrilled to receive this spray by KMS California in my July 2013 Topbox. However, due to misplacing this item while getting ready to move, I didn’t get to use it out until this month.

After I rediscovered it while unpacking, I started using it every time before I busted out my hair dryer. According to the KMS California website, this spray, “Speeds up drying time up to 50%.” That meant that this spray might reduce my time under the blow dryer to a more reasonable 10 minutes. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

It did seem like the spray was reducing my blow drying time a bit, but it definitely wasn’t cutting it by 50 or even 25 per cent. At best, it was cutting about five minutes off.

 After using this product several time all over my hair, I decided to do a bit of an experiment by parting my hair, covering one side of it with a towel and then spraying the other half. After combing the spray just through the one side of hair, I turned on my hair dryer and did my best to apply an equal amount of heat to both sides of my head. I even positioned the blow dryer so that it would equally hit both sides of my crown and then I held it there for about four minutes.

After those four minutes were up, I felt both sides of my head and the half that had been sprayed was a touch more dry, but just that, a touch more. 

It was however, softer and shiner. KMS says that this product is also supposed to provide heat protection, as well as some light conditioning, and those claims I completely agree with.

Just to be thorough, I repeated my little, non-scientific experiment and I ended up with the same results:  The side that was sprayed was shinier but didn’t really dry that much quicker.              

While I didn’t this product to be overly effective, it was easy to apply, didn’t leave my hair greasy or oily and didn’t have much of a smell.

Would I buy this product: No. If it really did speed up drying time by 50, or even just 25 per cent, I would happily snap it up but since it didn’t wow me, I’m passing on it.

Should you buy it: If you have access to a sample, do try it out since maybe this product works better on certain types of hair than others. But I would think twice before shelling out over $20 for this spray.

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