Monday, July 28, 2014

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

Make_Up_For_Ever Smoky_Extravagant_Mascara_reviewWhy can’t all makeup categories be like mascara: packed with a range of effective, quality products? Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Extravagant Mascara, which I received as a freebie from mascara, is yet amazing lash product that bring

According to MUFE, this mascara, “intensifies eyes with dramatic impact that attracts attention from afar and shows precise and defined lashes up close.” I completely agree with all of this. This mascara visibly improved the look of my lashes, adding a bit of length and a lot of volume. While I don’t have any evidence that this product attracted any attention from afar, I was happy with how my lashes looked, both from a distance and up close.

This product has a “ergo-conic” brush that’s  “Generously coated with just the right amount” and “allows for ultra-precise, intuitive application.” Personally, I’ve found all mascara brushes to be fairly intuitive but precision is another matter. For me, an “ultra-precise” mascara is one that cleanly separates my lashes while depositing just the right amount of product on them.

Most of the time, this is exactly what I got but every now and then, there was a bit too much mascara on the brush and things went a big odd. Sometimes I would end up with a big clump of product on one of my lashes, though that was generally quite easy to remove. But other times I would end up with the dreaded (for me) spider lashes; something that’s always a pain to deal with.

Thankfully, that generally didn’t happen and most mornings I could quickly swipe this product on and head out the door.

As you would expect from any quality mascara, this one stays in place. It doesn’t shed and it’s quite smear resistant. But, unlike many of its peers, this one washes off easily with just water and my regular face wash. There’s no need for a separate eye makeup removal step and as someone who can be sort of lazy, I really appreciated being able to skip that.

Retailing for $28 at Sephora, this isn’t a cheap product but if you wear mascara daily, it’s worth picking up. It does only come in black but there is a waterproof version available.

Would I buy this product: Yes! Should I ever run out of mascara samples, I will be picking this one up.

Should you buy this product: Yes! It delivers great lashes that last the day and isn’t a pain to take off.

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