Friday, October 31, 2014

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Even though I love beauty products and looking good (or at least presentable), I can sometimes be pretty lazy. So I was thrilled to see that one of my recent Topboxes contained Amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo.

I do already have a dry shampoo that I love however, I'm always open to trying new products, especially ones that claim to have better ingredients than the other options out there. According to Amika, what makes its dry shampoo better than the alternatives is that it doesn't contain aluminum shavings. Apparently, aluminum shavings are standard in other, similar products and are bad because they create residue and "gunk" in one's hair. Personally, residue build-up has never been an issue with me when it comes to using a dry shampoo but then I never go that long between washes.

Instead, of aluminum shavings , this product uses natural rice starch, which "absorb excess oil and dirt without leaving the residue behind." It works pretty well and I definitely noticed my hair looking and feeling less oily and less gross after I used this spray.

As per the instructions, I sprayed this product throughout my hair, making sure to lift different sections so that it could reach every contour of my scalp. At first I was a bit worried that since this product is a spray, it might make my hair feel stiff or strange but nope; it really didn't leave any residue behind. Even though I sprayed a fair amount of this product on my head, my hair stayed soft and flowing.

In addition to freshening hair up, this spray is also supposed to "gives your hair soft volume and added texture, taking that sexy blowout past the weekend." Personally, I didn't notice any change in volume while using this product and yes, I did follow the instructions to "Massage the light-weight formula into your scalp." I even did that thing were you bend over and flip your hair around. But nope, the product didn't add any new volume to hair.

As for that whole extending a blowout claim, well, I haven't tried the spray in conjunction with a professional blowout and I don't really think it's fair to evaluate its impact on my half-assed blowdrying skills.

I can though confidently say that this spray does make my hair smell great. Maybe not quite as good as Cake's dry shampoo but close.

That Cake product is a powder and one of the reasons why I like it is that it's really easy to apply just the right amount of product. That's trickier to do with the Amika item since it's a spray. However, because this product doesn't leave behind build-up, applying more than necessary doesn't impact your hair, just your wallet.

And speaking of wallet,  a standard sized bottle of this stuff will run you about $23 though it seems like you have to buy it online or head up to the one Toronto salon that sells it. So that's a bit of a hassle and to be frank, not worth it to me. Yes, this product does do a good job at letting me go another day without a shower but it's no better than my cheaper, easier-to-find and better smelling Cake dry shampoo.

Would I buy this product: No,  but not because this product doesn't work; I just prefer Cake's dry shampoo.

Should you buy this product: I've been told that some people hate powdered dry shampoo because they can't find a shade of powder that works with their hair colour. If that's you, this colourless spray might be a good option. Just don't expect it to pump your hair up with volume.

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