Friday, January 9, 2015

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Review

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is another full-size sample that I received in my Spark Sessions swag bag (yes, the swag bag from this conference is amazing).

As you’ve probably already guessed from this product’s name, this is a “multi-tasking body moisturizer” that models itself after the more popular BB face creams. “Developed to transform dull, uneven body skin into radiant, luminous, flawless skin, this revolutionary formula isn't just a surface fix,” says Jergens, supposedly it “ …works overtime to promote more even, bright and visibly firm skin.”

It does all of this by delivering the following five benefits in only five days: “…hydrate, illuminate, even, correct and create firmer looking skin.” To test out these claims, I used this cream for roughly a month on my left leg while my right leg received Vaseline’s Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion. This second product might not be a BB cream but I do feel that it’s a competitor to the Jergens cream as both items have the same ultimate goal: To give you beautiful, moisturized skin at a drugstore price.

While the Vaseline product is all about one key benefit, the Jergens cream promises five. So does it deliver on any of them?

Let’s start with the benefits of “illuminate” and “even.” The BB cream is available in two shades and I used the shade for “lighter skin tones.” It supposedly “features warm tones to balance out redness and reduced sheen to create a more even appearance.” Redness and sheen aren’t really issues on my legs so I can’t comment on that aspect of this product. However, my left leg—the one that I used the BB cream on —did look a bit less pale and a bit more even than my right leg.

So sure, the BB cream did even out my skin tone a bit. However, my left leg didn’t look more “illuminate” than my right leg (actually, because my right leg was paler, it looked brighter, though not in a good way).

The “correct” benefit also fell flat. The cream uses, “…self-adjusting tone technology” to “reduce the appearance of imperfections for smooth, perfect skin.” Sadly, no. Imperfections, whether they were bruises or ingrown hairs, looked no different, regardless of which leg I was looking at.

The benefit I was most excited about, though also the most skeptical of, was “firm.” Using “extracts of collagen and elastic,” the BB cream supposedly, “…visibly firms and softens skin.” But again, this benefit wasn’t visibly obvious; both of my legs looked exactly the same when it came to firmness. 

The one benefit that this cream definitely delivered was “hydrate.” While it didn’t moisturize any better than the Vaseline lotion, it did do a great job at preventing dry skin. The BB cream’s thick texture also made it feel rich and hydrating. Applying it was pleasant, even though it did take a few minutes to fully absorb into my skin (something I'm fine with). Once it did absorb, there was no sticky or filmy feeling on my leg. Instead, there was just soft, smooth skin.

Overall, I liked this product even though it didn’t deliver on all of its claimed benefits. While it didn’t leave me with perfect skin, it did do a great job at moisturizing. But then so did the Vaseline lotion and it’s cheaper. It runs $7/$8 while the Jergens one is $13/$14. It also has that pleasant, cocoa butter scent while the BB cream smells like generic lotion.

Would I buy this product: Not unless it was on sale since there are comparable products for cheaper.

Should you buy this product: If you see it on sale, grab it, as it is a great moisturizer (though it’s not much more than that).

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