Monday, January 12, 2015

UniqOne Hair Treatment

My November 2014 Topbox was one of the best ones I received in 2014 in part because it contained this item, a leave-in, spray-in hair product that, “…offers you 10 main benefits that your hair needs.” And what are those benefits? Well, since you asked, this product supposedly supplies:
  • Repair for dry and damaged hair 
  • Shine and frizz control 
  • Heat protection 
  • Silkiness and smoothness 
  • Hair colour protection with UVA and UVB filters 
  • Easier brushing and ironing 
  • Incredible detangling 
  • Long-lasting hairstyle 
  • Split ends prevention 
  • Adds body
This product supposedly works equally well on wet or dry hair. While I didn’t try it on dry hair, UniqOne claims that this spray is “Ideal for touching up the style and giving a lasting, soft, silky finish without matting.”

I did though use this spray multiple times on wet hair and I agree with that it creates, “Soft, silky, shiny hair” that is “…protected and without matting.” Using this product left my hair visibly shiny, soft to the touch and made detangling a breeze.

But while the spray did leave my hair looking and feeling like silk, I didn’t notice all 10 of the claimed benefits. There was no difference in the amount of body in my hair and hairstyles didn’t last any longer while using this product. Frizz also wasn’t as tamed as much as I would have liked it to have been and during the two weeks I used this spray, I didn’t notice a difference in split ends prevention (though to be fair, that benefit might need more time before it’s apparent).

I did a few split hair tests with this spray where half of my head received the UniqOne Hair Treatment and the other half received either nothing or another product. This product definitely was better than nothing but had pretty much the same impact on my hair as Garnier’s Fructis Damage Eraser Split End Bandage.

But while the results might be the same, the prices are not. The Garnier product retails for less, under $10, while the price of a container of UniqOne Hair Treatment seems to be somewhere between $13 and $18. I wish I had been able to try the spray out on dry hair (I underestimated how much product was in the spray bottle and ran out before I was able to run those tests) as the fact that it can do double-duty (wet and dry hair) might justify the higher price (the Garnier product is only for wet hair).

My biggest problem with this item isn’t its higher (possibly justifiable) price or that it doesn’t deliver all 10 benefits (products never do) but that I can’t buy it from a real store. It appears that in Canada anyway, you can only buy it online and even then, not from a site like or Too bad, because it sure did leave my hair shiny.

Would I buy this product: I might if I ever saw it on sale at Shoppers.

Should you buy this product: If you spot It in a store and the price is right, pick it up. But it’s not good enough to justify buying it online.

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