Friday, February 27, 2015

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide™ Moisture Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

When I first read the product description for this "lightweight daily moisture cream," which I reserved in my January Topbox, I thought that I'd maybe found the ultimate daytime moisturizer. Here was a cream that supposedly, "...hydrates and immediately brightens skin, as it helps smooth the look of pores and minimize the appearance of discolorations like those caused by blemishes" while fighting the first signs of aging.

Most importantly, it contains a broad spectrum SPF 30, something that any good daytime moisturizer needs to have. When I saw that fact, I knew exactly where I would be testing out this product: My recent two-week trip to Fiji.

First, the sunscreen works. One day, I missed applying it to a patch of skin near my hairline and that was the only spot on my entire face and neck that burned. The rest stayed almost my natural porcelain colour.

As for those other claims, well, there the results were more mixed. It did hydrate my skin and yes, it did brighten it a bit. But it did nothing to minimize any pores, discolorations or other blemishes.

According to Elizabeth Arden, this product is also supposed to leave my skin looking, "...smooth and supple more even toned, revitalized and luminous." While using this cream, my skin was smooth and supple. But it didn't look particularly even-toned or revitalized. As for luminous, well, it maybe did this a little too well.

My biggest issue with this product is that it left my skin looking greasy. Maybe if my skin was really dry that greasiness would look more like luminousness but on me it just looked gross. Actually, it reminded me of that shiny, almost sweaty look that some sunscreen products give to skin.

I also wasn't crazy about the texture of this cream. Again, it reminded me of sunscreen, thick but not in a luxurious or good-feeling way. The scent was also reminiscent of sunscreen though thankfully it wasn't an overly strong smell and didn't really bother me.

What did bother me was that this product retails for $50 and comes in a jar. For that price, I expect a pump bottle that will product the product from air, germs and oily fingers. I also expect a product that doesn't leave my face looking like I just slathered some Banana Boat on it.

This product won Allure magazine's 2014 Best Facial Moisturizer for Normal award and the bulk of the 107 women who tested this product at home noticed visible results but personally, I'm not wowed by it, especially at that $50 price.

Would I buy this product: No, I didn't like how shiny it left my face.

Should you buy this product: Only if you're okay with a shiny face.

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