Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beauty Lovers Read This!

Evergreen Beauty DealsEver walked into a Sephora and wondered what the sales are really thinking? Or what products they really think they should be using? Well, now we have some answers.

Last week,'s beauty and style sub-blog Millihelen, gave readers the opportunity to ask their questions to an anonymous Sephora employee. On Friday, the employee's answers were posted and they were clear, concise and snark-free. The employee comes across as a genuinely nice person and Sephora sounds like a great place to work.

The whole piece is very heavy on practical, useful information complete with specific products being recommended or frowned on. One of my favourite brands, Make Up For Ever, gets tons of positive mentions (as it should).

It's a long article but it's well worth your time, as are the comments, which are also packed with interesting info.

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