Friday, April 10, 2015

THEFACESHOP Canadian Launch Party

THEFACESHOP is nothing new to anyone who is familiar with Asian beauty products and stores. Based out of South Korea, the chain is all about natural ingredients and it "offers affordable, high quality products to enhance every woman's natural beauty." It first popped up in Canada in 2013 and since then has been expanding across the country.

The brand is looking forward to a big Canadian push in 2015 and to celebrate that move, it threw a party on Thursday at the Berkeley House Field. It was a very smooth event that was impressively well-organized and practical.  I really liked that it wasn't packed with people, which was a nice change from some of these events. I actually got to talk with numerous reps from the company and came away from the event with useful knowledge on THEFACESHOP and its products.

Mine's the one at the front
Besides the usual product demos, this event also featured a couple of fancy cocktails, made-on-the-spot ice cream, passed canapés and best of all, a terrarium building workshop organized by Crown Flora Studio (it also provided the lovely decor for the event, including all of the terrariums that you see hanging in the photos). I think mine turned out okay, despite my lack of artistic talent.

Then there was the gift bag. It was packed with full-sized products, including items from the Chia Seed line (designed for combination skin just like mine), two lip glosses, two eye colour sticks, a Brow Master kit, a cream blush, three nail polish colours, some kind of nail repair product and two kinds of nail packs, one for brittle nails and one for dry, rough nails.
In addition to the items in the bag, we were able to pick up three out three masks from the mask station. I went with two designed to purify skin (one made with kelp and one made with mung bean) as well as some kind of foot mask. I've never used a foot mask before and might have to try it out today, along with a few other products.

I will certainly be reviewing most if not all of these products and I have high hopes for them, based on what I've read online in regards to THEFACESHOP products.

THEFACESHOP has three Toronto locations, as well as a few more in the burbs. You can check out all of the locations here. I will certainly be stopping by the Eaton Centre location in the next few weeks to pick up the Mild Papaya Peeling product. I tried it out at the party and was amazing to see how successfully it rid my hand of dead skin.

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