Friday, April 3, 2015

Matrix Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus

I was thrilled to discover that my March Topbox was filled with products from Matrix's Oil Wonders line. Matrix has a great reputation and I love hair products that are packed with fancy oils. The Matrix Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus item was a particularly great inclusion as it's a "color caring oil" and this box arrived just ahead of me re-highlighting my hair.

According to Matrix, this "scented oil-infused treatment formulated with Egyptian hibiscus oil" supposedly "restores vibrancy of color-treated hair with 75% more shine" when used with shampoo and conditioner from the same line. It's also supposed to provide "softness and shine."

You can use this product a few different ways, including adding it to other Matrix products. I used it two different ways: immediately following Matrix Oil Wonders Micro-oil Shampoo and Oil Conditioner, while I was still in the shower, and as a finishing treatment, after I was out of the shower.

Regardless of how I used it, the results were the same: Hair that was smooth, soft and shiny though I don't know about 75% shiner.

Maybe if I wasn't used to using amazing hair oils, I would have been wowed by this product. It's good, it's maybe even great, but it's not amazing and it's certainly not any better than something like Agave Oil Healing Oil Treatment, Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil or Bobos Remi Leave-in Conditioner. It's also not remarkably priced, coming in close to $30 Canadian.

One feature about this product that is notable is that unlike some oils, this one never left my hair greasy, heavy or gross, even if I used more than a few drops, which is really all you need.

It also didn't have much a scent, which sort of surprised, and disappointed, me.

Would I buy this product: Probably not. It's a good product but it's not amazing and that's what I want in a hair oil.

Should you buy this product: If you see it on sale, it's worth getting and depending on what you're currently using, you might be impressed by it. Just don't expect miracles.

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