Wednesday, April 15, 2015

THEFACESHOP Face Mask Mung Bean

A mung bean? What’s that? Those were my first thoughts when I was introduced to this product at last week’s launch party for THEFACESHOP (so yes, I received this mask for free).

It turns out that a mung bean is a type of legume that’s more commonly used in cooking that as a beauty product. However, THE FACESHOP has decided that it’s just the ingredient to use in this clarifying face mask that’s designed to “purify and smooth skin.”

As per the instructions, I wore this mask for roughly 12 minutes. The serum contained on it was quite cooling, resulting in a smoothing, relaxing sensation. While I’m not sure if this is also true of mung beans in their natural state, the mask had a light, fresh scent to it that didn’t linger. It complemented the overall experience nicely and really added to that spa-feel.

At the appropriate time, I removed the mask, gently massaged in the serum that the mask had deposited on my face and then looked closely in the mirror at the results.

My skin definitely looked brighter and more hydrated; dare I say it, it even glowed. It also felt incredibly smooth, a sensation that easily lasted into the next day. However, I didn't look like this mask had done much to "keep the pores clean." Pores that were clogged prior to me using the mask were still clogged and the two small pimples on my forehead appeared unaffected by the product.

This is a sheet/fabric mask, a style of mask that I’m not a big fan of as I find them messy and awkward to use. However, I will give this mask full points for being designed in such a way that it fully covered my face minus of course holes for my eyes, nose and mouth. It also wasn’t as drippy as some other sheet masks.

Like most items in THEFACESHOP’s inventory list, this one is nicely priced at only $5. The packaging is nothing special but then this is a one-time use face mask; fancy packaging would just be a waste.

Would I buy this product: Probably not but I am curious to try out other THEFACESHOP masks.

Should you buy this product: There are many, many worse ways to spend $5 (especially when it comes to beauty products). This mask did improve the overall look of my skin, it just didn’t clean out any pores, so as long as you’re okay with those results, this is a product that you might want to try out.

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