Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fruits & Passion Aloe Face Mask

As I've mentioned before, my skin has been dry lately. While the dry patches have disappeared (I think because I'm no longer using Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream), my face could still do with a good dose of hydration. So the inclusion of Fruits & Passion's Aloe Face Mask, which claims to have "hydrating and soothing properties," in my June Topbox was perfect timing.

 This is a fabric mask, which is not my favourite kind of mask as I find they never fully cover my face. This one is no exception to the rule though unlike some fabric masks, it wasn't drippy or too awkward to use. The solution on the mask had a refreshing feeling that wasn't at all intense and didn't feel greasy or gross.

According to Fruits & Passion, "This refreshing Face Mask contains an essence specially formulated to improve the appearance of your skin. Your skin is moisturized, softened and more luminous."  It does this by being, "Enriched with aloe extract known for its hydrating and soothing properties." That ingredient is actually the third one in this mask, after water and glycerin, which is a pretty promising sign. This mask also doesn't contain any parabens, in case you're worried about those kind of things.

Using this product definitely left my face being softer and more hydrated. I wouldn't quite say that my skin looked "luminous" but it did look brighter and healthier, an effect that lasted for hours.

It had no impact on clogged pores but it did pump up my skin so that any fine lines vanished, at least for a little bit.

This mask is not a long-term solution but it did deliver immediate, short-term results that pleased me. I can see how this product would be great to use to prep for a big night out.

Like all of the products in Fruits & Passion's face mask line, this one comes in at a great price: only $2.50 per mask.

Would I buy this mask: Probably not but only because I'm not a big fan of fabric masks.

Should you buy this mask: If you like fabric masks and you have dry skin, don't be afraid to try this one out. It's an effective product that comes in at a great price.  

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