Friday, July 3, 2015

L'Oreal Fibralogy Shampoo & Conditioner

A few weeks ago I was at Shoppers Drugmart, picking up a few items during one of those promo events where if you buy $50 worth of stuff, you get a bunch of bonus Optimum points. I thought I'd grabbed enough to hit that $50-before-taxes target but nope, due to some items being on sale, I was under by close to $20. Not wanting to miss out on my bonus points, I looked around to see what else I could pick up. Just a few feet away from the till was my answer: L'Oreal's new Fibralogy line on sale.

According to L'Oreal, "Fibralogy thickens hair wash after wash and expands the diameter of the hair fibre for voluptuous looking hair!" It does this thanks to its use of something called "filloxane" that "penetrates and diffuses in the hair fibre." This ingredient "remains in the fibre and increases application after application. Hair becomes progressively thicker."

This ingredient is found in both the shampoo and conditioner and using those two items together, along with the Thickening Booster, supposedly leads to hair feeling thicker after just one wash. After five washes, L'Oreal says that hair is physically thicker. While that first claim is based on "consumer testing," which isn't exactly scientific, the second one is based on "instrumental testing," which actually gives it some weight.

As I've mentioned before, I don't have thin hair. Because of that, I didn't bother with the thickening booster. But even without it, and with my hair already being pretty healthy and thick, I still benefitted from this line. While I haven't measured my hair's thickness (how would you do that?), it definitely feels and looks fuller. Unlike Aveda's Invati thickening line, this one appears to deliver.

These products also left my hair super shiny and soft. L'Oreal says that the conditioner "softens the hair fibre" and I completely agree. I also agree that both products have a "texture (that) spreads easily and evenly" and that the shampoo did a great job at cleaning.

The only downside to these products is that they did nothing to fight frizz but then L'Oreal doesn't make any claims about that.

There's nothing special about the packaging for either product; if you've used a L'Oreal shampoo or conditioner before, you've met these bottle before. I feel that this line is a bit pricier than some of L'Oreal's other offerings as it retails at around $14 per product. However, it is regularly on sale.

The Fibralogy line is made up of four products: shampoo, conditioner, the Thickening Booster and the Hair Mask. I haven't tried either of these last two items but based on my positive experiences with the shampoo and conditioner, I might have to try out the hair mask.

Would I buy this product again: Yes though I'd pair it with a serum that's great at fighting frizz.

Should you buy this product: Even if you don't have thin hair, this line is worth  checking out.

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